Kim Kardashian Unleashes Killer Style on American Horror Story Set

Kim Kardashian Unleashes Killer Style on American Horror Story Set

Star Struck in Snakeskin

Guess who we spotted in the wild world of American Horror Story? None other than Kim Kardashian herself, trying her hand at acting in the bustling streets of New York City. And let’s just say, she’s nailing the game!

Decked out in a cool black and white snakeskin coat paired with sleek black pants, Kim looked like a fashion queen. Carrying a small, fuzzy white handbag, she was the epitome of chic. Her raven hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and those black sunglasses added the perfect touch of mystery to her look.

Kim Kardashian: SKIMS Queen on the Move

At 43, the SKIMS founder is not just conquering the fashion world but also dipping her toes into acting. She’s now part of the popular TV show, American Horror Story, and we’re here for it. Playing the role of Siobhan, the publicist to Emma Roberts’ character, actress Anna Victoria Alcott, Kim is showing us a whole new side of her talent.

SKIMS Style Takeover

As if that wasn’t enough, Kim also treated us to some fresh SKIMS looks on Instagram. In one snap, she rocked a chocolate brown corset and lounge pants while casually chilling on a wooden chair. The caption spilled the tea on the new arrivals and, of course, the outfit details.

The second post had Kim sporting a soft grey sweatshirt with a cool collar and plunging neckline, paired with matching joggers. Off-duty never looked so good, right?

Real Talk at the Party

During the same moment that you seemed Kim could not possibly get any more cool, she surprised everyone by revealing some truth bombs during Scott Disick’s 40th birthday party. During the time that everyone was celebrating and praising Kim for her journey since the debut of the E! show, she had a realization.

“You guys, we were able to con the system. There we are! Whatever it is, we have figured it out and have completed it! Kim yelled out while the party was going on. She had a moment of self-disclosure in which she pondered, “We aren’t supposed to be here, like how did we get in this cool party?” We weren’t the cool kids; how did we manage to get our way?

Hollywood Adventure Unveiled

And that’s a wrap on Kim K’s Hollywood adventure – fashion, acting, and spilling some real talk! Who knew the SKIMS queen had so many tricks up her stylish sleeves? Keep slaying, Kim!